MJ Dubarr

Makeup Artist & Hairstylist


Makeup Artist 




MJ DuBarr

A natural-born artist intrigued with color, texture, and everything and anything that will achieve the effect she needs. MJ DuBarr specializes in beauty, airbrush, and makeup effects specifically for studios. 


With a decade of experience, MJ is a trained professional working in various film sets and special events equipped with high-quality makeup and hair kit. Ready for any creative occasion, she humbly stays active advancing her education and constantly striving to master techniques. 

Amongst being a passionate makeup artist, MJ aims for perfection with continuity. Her keen eye is constantly aware of any touch-ups, if needed, to make sure her department runs smoothly. 

Admirably, her ambitions are set to become a full-time TV & Film makeup artist as well as a brand owner in the forthcoming future.

Check out her credentials and IMDB link down below to find out more about her training, resume, and work ethic.